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DVM-DME Satellite Uplinks

The new ABE digital Satellite Uplink solutions for contribution or distribution and
broadcasting, combines hi-end performance with high product quality and flexibility for a very competitive price.

ABE DVM-S satellite uplinksDigital Modulators (for example the DVM 1000/SL), produced both for the DVB-S standard (QPSK modulation scheme) and for the DVB-DSNG standard (QPSK, 8PSK and 16QAM modulation schemes), can be supplied with 70MHz IF output or with synthesized "L" band output.

Among available options are those that can be installed inside the modulators, the power supply and the 10MHz high stability reference oscillator for the BUC (Block Up-Converter), one or more MPEG encoders and the multiplexer (please see DME 1000/SL series).

The Digital Modulator, combined with a transmission converter (BUC), plus, eventually, a power amplifier and a parabolic antenna for the chosen frequency range (usually Ku band - 14 to 14.5GHz - or C band - 5.85 to 6.43GHz), makes a complete Satellite Uplink solution.

Please contact RTI sales for your application's specific technical and operational requirement.

Continue here To complete the product range, professional MPEG-2 Integrated Receivers Decoders (IRD) are available, suitable for satellite reception and having LNB (Low Noise Block down-converter) L Band input interface, or, alternatively, having an input conversion module for 70MHz IF.

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