YELLOWTEC is a brand of Thum + Mahr GmbH in Germany. T+M is one of Europe's leading system integrators for broadcast facilities, always working at the cutting edge of today's complex requirements.

Decisions in this market are driven by the search for pragmatic solutions. Who else could generate better ideas for equipment design than a company challenged every day anew? Picking up this valuable opportunity, the brand YELLOWTEC was born. Meanwhile, the name means a product line for many different broadcast applications.

YELLOWTEC's common station call sign is "simple and smart". Why?

Products for broadcasting are becoming very complex these days. Therefore YELLOWTEC's first design principle is: keep it simple. Reduce complexity to what is really needed.

The key to success is the deep understanding of the balance between complex technical innovation on one side and userfriendliness on the other. This makes up the challenge of YELLOWTEC's second design principle: "make it smart". It answers the question; how to handle complex features whilst keeping operation simple. Take a closer look at the products and you will get the idea.


Yellowtec pdf Brochures

b-line (636k)

Intellimix (144k)

VIP/digital (402k)

PUC (374k)

M!KA Mic & Screen Support System

b-line - Digital ISDN / POTS Hybrid and Phone System

Compact and powerful ISDN / POTS hybrid offering many choices to the user: in a fixed installation and in the field. Using Talkmaster® Software or the b-line Keypad with the b-line unit will result in a small, but outstanding Screener installation.

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Intellimix - Versatile Desktop Mixer

Digital desktop audio mixer with integrated router. Internationally acclaimed for use in journalist cubicles, newsrooms, sports or ingest. The ideal tool for any workplace with easy-to-operate requirements.

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VIP/digital - Voice Processor

Unique digital voice processor with personal SmartCard for customized sounds.

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PUC - Professional USB Audio Interface

First professional USB audio interface with analogue (balanced line level) and digital in- and outputs. Designed to operate plug'n'play with the most common PC operating systems. Replaces conventional insertion cards like Digigram PCX.

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M!KA - Mic & VESA Monitor Support System for Broadcast, Call-Centres & Dealer Rooms

The M!KA is available now. Please bookmark this space as a brochure will be added shortly.

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